Students, guest researchers & assistants

Present students, guests & research assistents 

Josephine Goldstein, Ph.D. Research Assistant

Rachael Alexandra Kealy, Research Assistant (start September 2018) 


Former students & trainees

Rachael Alexandra Kealy, MSc project (June 2018)

Thomas Busk, Bachelorproject (June 2018)

Lena Raudenkolb, Research Project II (10 ECTS, June 2018)

Rasmus Jarnved Kjær (Individual study activity, IABB501, 5 ECTS, June 2018)

Mikkel Keller Lees (Individual study activity, IABB501, 5 ECTS, JUne 2018)

Jakob Jaensch Rasmussen (Individual study activity, IABB501, 5 ECTS, June 2018)

Matthew Lee Gravener, MSc student, Research Project III (BB810) (Jan-July 2017)


Camille Prigent (Ecole de Biologie Industrielle, France - internship June-Aug 2017)

Mathilde Quemard (Ecole de Biologie Industrielle, France - internship June-Aug 2017)

Kathrine Habekost Hansen, Bachelor project (Jan-June 2017)

Janni Magelund Degn Larsen, Bachelor project (Jan-June 2017)

Rachael Alexandra Kealy, MSc student, Research Project I (BB810) (Nov 2016-Jan 2017)

Lars Kumala, Ph.D.-student; 3 years with start 15 January 2014: "Ecophysiology and biodemography of aging sponges" (co-supervisor)

Josephine Goldstein, Ph.D.-student; 3 years with start February 2013: "Life history stages of the moon jellyfish Aurelia aurita - towards a demographic understanding of jellyfish blooms" (co-supervisor).

Clémentine Prat, intern from EBI (Ecole de Biologie Industrielle), France; period: 20 June to 20 August 2016

Thibault Neveu, intern from EBI (Ecole de Biologie Industrielle), France; period: 20 June to 20 August 2016

Katerina Charitonidou, Erasmus trainee from Greece (1 Oct 2015 to 31Dec 2015), and student helper on sponge project (1 Jan to 30 April 2016)

Nicole Patricia Jones, master project 15 Feb 2015 to 8 April 2016: "Microplastic contamination in the freshwater mussel Dreissena" (main supervisor)

Baojun Tang, postdoc from Shanghai, China, visiting scholar financed by China Scholarship Council in one year, from August 2014 to August 2015 (12 months)

Mie Thorborg Pedersen, master project: "Gastrophysical investigation of jellyfish", with start 18 December 2014 (co-supervisor)

Adrian Garcia Lopez, Erasmus trainee (civil engineer) from Spain in the period 18 January 2016 to 18 April 2016

Camille Gros (internship from 15 June to 15 August 2015 (guest student from Ecole Biologie Industrielle, France).

Sébastien Delaunay (internship from 15 June to 15 August 2015 (guest student from Ecole Biologie Industrielle, France).

Per Andrup, research assistant (engineer within electronics) in the period December 2014 to June 2015 (6 months).

Jan Brandt Wiersma, guest student from Van Hall Larenstein University, The Netherlands. Internship from September 2014 to February 2015.

Florian Luskow (from University of Bremen, Erasmus placement as part of master study co-supervised by external supervisor, Hans Ulrik Riisgård, from 15 June to 15 November 2014, 5 months)

Nathanaël Jeune, from ENGEES (National school for water and environmental engineering of Strasbourg); intership in the period 5 May to 1 August 2014 (3 months)

Adèle Doucet, from the engineering school EBI (Ecole de Biologie Industrielle), Cergy, France, guest student in the period 23 June 23 August 2014 (2 months)

Marion Hatton, from the engineering school EBI (Ecole de Biologie Industrielle), Cergy, France, guest student in the period 23 June 23 August 2014 (2 months)

Anastasia Yurtseva (Ph.D., junior researcher, Saint Petersburg State University, 9 months visit from 1th December 2013 to 31st August 2014)

David Z. Domench (Leonardo da Vinci grant trainee from 28 October 2013 to 30 May 2014)

Ruben van Beek (Van Hall Larenstein trainee placement from 1 September 2013 to 31 January 2014)

Lucia Carlota Merino Gonzalez Pardo (Erasmus Placement traineeship; July to September 2013)

Magali Mulot (practical placement in engineering; 2 May to 27 July 2013)

Ana Torrano Lozano (Leonardo da Vinci grant trainee from December 2012 tol June 2013)

Kadri Kuusemäe (individual study activity, 10 ECTS): "Filtration activity of the mussel Mytilus edulis" (start September 2012)

Meinhard Meiners-Hagen (individual study activity, 5 ECTS):"Filtration activity of the mussel Mytilus edulis" (start September 2012)

Shannon Tunney (individual study activity, 10 ECTS): "Filtration activity of the mussel Mytilus edulis" (start September 2012)

Susan Guldberg Graugård Petersen: "Biologiske og hydrografiske faktorer af betydning for populationsdynamikken mellem Aurelia aurita og Mnemiopsis leidyi i Limfjorden" (bachelorprojekt afsluttet 30. september 2012)

Maria Àngeles Provencio López (Leonardo da Vinci grant trainee from November 2011 to May 2012).

Florian Lüskow: "Effects of salinity-changing rates on feeding behaviour of blue mussels (Guest Student, March to June 2012)

Daniel Pleissner: "Bioproduction and bioenergetics - bio-reactor production of microalgae and growth of filter-feeding bivalves" (Ph.D. project, April 2009 to April 2012)

Jakob Sten Knudsen: "Food uptake and growth of the blue mussel Mytilus edulis at high algal concentrations - physiological regulation versus overloading of digestive system" (bachelorprojekt afsluttet 27. oktober 2011)

Line Bøttiger: "Growth of blue mussels, Mytilus edulis, and effects of salinity and current speed" (specialeprojekt afsluttet 25. marts 2011)

Parnuma P. Egede: "Food uptake and growth of blue mussels (Mytilus edulis) - a combined laboratory and field study" (speciale afsluttet 15. september 2010)

Isabel Barreiro Saavedra (Leonardo Da Vinci training placement 6 months, Feb-July 2010)

Sandrine Serre (internship for student from Toulouse): "Clearance of jellyfish measured by means of new ingestion-method" (30 ECTS individual study; finished October 2010)

Christina Vinum Thoisen: "Viskositetens versus temperaturens effekt på filtrerings- og svømmehastighed målt på forskellige livsstadier af saltvandskrebs, Artemia salina" (bachelorprojekt afsluttet juni 2010)

Sasia Johansen: "Temperaturen versus viskositetens indflydelse på øregoplens, Aurelia aurita, klokkeslagfrekvens og filtrationsrate" (bachelorprojekt, afsluttet august 2010)

Lærke Arentoft Johansen: "Faglig formidling i praksis – Formidling af MarBioShell-projektet til tre målgrupper" (bachelorprojekt afsluttet september 2010).

Sabrina Maria Nothlev Sørensen: "Faglig formidling i praksis – Formidling af MarBioShell-projektet til tre målgrupper" (bachelorprojekt afsluttet september 2010).

Coralie Barth: "Growth rates of the invasive ctenophore Mnemiopsis leidyi - a combined field and laboratory study, with special emphasis on population dynamics" (speciale afsluttet 19. march 2010)

Ana Mercedes Orts Pérez (Leonardo Da Vinci training placement 6 months, July 2009 to January 2010)

Caroline-Marie Vandt Madsen: "Ecological role and interspecific competition of jellyfish" (speciale afsluttet 15. december 2009)

Christine Røllike Ditlefsen: "Feeding ecology of the American comb jelly Mnemiopsis leidyi" (speciale afsluttet 15. september 2009)

Coralie Barth: "Clearance rate of the comb jelly Mnemiopsis leidyi" (31 ECTS individuel studieaktivitet afsluttet juni 2008)

Inmaculada Martín Arnau (Leonardo Da Vinci training placement 6 months; July 2008 to January 2009)

Morten Jørgensen: "Effekt af temperatur og viskositet på filtrationshastigheden hos søpungen Ciona intestinalis" (bachelorprojekt afsluttet maj 2008)

Nikolaj Gedsted Andersen: "The plankton structure in the Sargasso Sea - a study of secondary production in the spawning area of the European eel (Anguilla anguilla)" (speciale afsluttet oktober 2008)

Helena Moos Nielsen: "Hydrodynamik og filtrerende muslingers betydning for fordelingen af fytoplankton i det centrale Lillebælt" (speciale afsluttet oktober 2008)

Cornelia Jaspers: "The role of larvaceans (appendicularians) in the food web of the Southern Indian Ocean" (speciale afsluttet maj 2008)

Michael Fülberth: "Growth rates of juvenile Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) held under different photoperiods and feeding regimes" (speciale afsluttet april 2008)

Line Bøttiger: "Effekt af havvands temperatur og viskositet på vandmandens (Aurelia aurita) svømning og effektivitet af byttedyrfangst" (bachelorprojekt afsluttet juli 2007)

Caroline-Marie Vandt Madsen: "Øregoplen (Aurelia aurita) og dens byttedyr - effekt af temperatur og viskositet (bachelorprojekt afsluttet juli 2007)

Peer Schotge: "Switching between surface deposit feeding and filter-feeding in the amphipod Corophium volutator" (4 mdr. individuel studieaktivitet, afsluttet december 2006)

Martin Kortegaard: "Skift mellem deposit- og suspensionsernæring hos slikkrebsen Corophium volutator" (speciale afsluttet juli 2005)

Morten Iversen: "Styrende mekanismer for udsynkning og nedbrydning af copepod-fækalier i det marine miljø" (speciale afsluttet december 2005)

Christine Røllike Ditlefsen: "Kultivering af gopler" (bachelorprojekt afsluttet juli 2006)

Martin Kortegaard Pedersen: "Skift mellem deposit- og suspensionsernæring hos slikkrebsen Corophium volutator" (juli 2005)

Christina Kittner: "Algekoncentrationens og temperaturens effekt på filtrationshastigheden hos muslinger" (januar 2005)

Johan Lassen: "Samspil mellem hydrografi, planktonalgedynamik og filtreringsaktivitet hos populationer af blåmuslinger, Mytilus edulis" (juli 2004)

Ole Moeslund: "Filtration hos gopler" (november 2003)

Lene Friis Møller: "Slikkrebsen Corophium volutator som biologisk filter" (november 2003)

Dorthe Fischer Seerup: "Filtrationsbiologiske studier af sandmuslingen Mya arenaria" (januar 2003)

Eroteida Jiménez Tejero: "Indification of lower algal-concentration level for cessation of filter-feeding activity and siphon closure in the soft clam Mya arenaria" (Erasmus/Socrates exchange student from the University of Barcelona, Spain, November 2000 to January 2001; final report approved by SDU)

Pernille Hermansen: "Fødeoptagelse og kolonivækst hos marine bryozoer: betydning af strømhastighed" (marts 2000)

Tommy Christensen: "Funktionel respons hos ferskvands-copepoden Cyclops vicinus" (marts 2000)

Robert Gardner: "Bryozoan growth in a Danish fjord system as related to algal biomass" (Erasmus/Socrates exchange student from September to December 1999; final report approved by the University of Reading, UK)

Alan Nielsen: "Individtæthed, vækst og fødeoptagelse hos copepoden Tisbe holothuriae" (april 1999)

Hannah S. P. Bøttzau: "Vandloppers rolle i planktonomsætning i tempererede kystnære marine økosystemer - belyst ved sækkeforsøg" (august 1997)

Camilla Frandsen: "Søpungen Ciona intestinalis: Retentionseffektivitet og bentho-pelagisk kobling i Kertinge Nor - med focus på fritlevende pelagiske bakterier" (august 1996)

Annika Sundberg Jensen: "Benthisk-pelagisk kobling og søpungen Ciona intestinalis i Kertinge Nor - betydningen af hydrografiske forhold" (august 1996)

Annette Strarup Nielsen: "Hydrografi og forekomst af vandmanden Aurelia aurita i Kertinge Nor" (juni 1996)

Kristian Toft Frandsen: "vækst og respiration hos øregoplen Aurelia aurita" (juni 1996)

Annemarie Westh Pedersen: "Zooplanktondynamik i Kertinge Nor of Kerteminde Fjord. Betydningen af hydrografi og den almindelige vandmands prædation" (juni 1996)

Britta Tarp: "Vækst, respiration og graveaktivitet hos sandormen Arenicola marina" (januar 1996)

Inge Berntsen: "Sandormens (Arenicola marina) fødebiologi med specielt henblik på pumpe- og graveaktivitet" (august 1995)

Ib Clausen. "Vækst, filtration og respiration hos blåmuslingen (Mytilus edulis)" (juni 1995)

Liselotte Poulsen: "Suspensionsernæring hos polychæten Nereis diversicolor: betydningen af et bundnært, fytoplankton-reduceret grænselag" (juni 1995)

Søren Thomas Thomassen: "Vækst og bioenergetik hos brødkrummesvampen Halichondria panicea" (marts 1995)

Torben Jarlstrøm Clausen: "Søpungen Ciona intestinalis i Kertinge Nor: græsningspotentiale, bentho-pelagisk kobling og hydrografi" (august 1995)

Annemette Marie Nielsen: "Vækst og respiration hos polychæterne Nereis diversicolor (fakultativ filter-feeder) og N. virens (omnivor) - et komparativt studie" (januar 1995)

Stefan Mayer*: "Particle motion in unsteady three-dimensional flow at low Reynolds numbers" (marts 1994; hovedvejleder prof. P.S. Larsen, DTU)

Jens Kjerulf Petersen*: "Søpungen Ciona intestinalis - en filtrator i en lavvandet fjord" (april 1994)

Niels Jørn Olesen*: "Ecology of jellyfish. Population dynamics, feeding, growth and influence on the biological structure in shallows fjords" (marts 1994)

Anders Vedel: "Suspensionsernæring hos polychæten Nereis diversicolor" (maj 1993)

Susanne Hansen: "Kviksølvs ophobning og omsætning i skrubber Platichtys flesus" (juni 1989)

Hans Chr. Christiansen: "Akkumuleringseffektivitet af cadmium i marine dyr" (februar 1988)

Jakob Kryger: "Filtrationsrater og bioenergetik hos ferskvandsmuslinger" (juni 1987)

Niels Riis "Fødeoptagelse hos haletudser" (januar 1987)

Kirsten Nielsen: "Svampemidlers effekt vurderet ved gærsvampe-væktsmodel, samt undersøgelse af nogle tungmetaller og selens effekt på gærsvampes vækst" (august 1986)

Johanne Jensen: "Fødeindtagelse, ægproduktion og fedtsyresammensætning hos den marine planktoniske copepod Acartia tonsa" (juni 1987)

Kaisa Toudal: "Subletale effekter af cadmium på copepoder" (december 1986)

Eilif Gaard: "En undersøgelse af mulighederne for at dyrke blåmuslinger i en færøsk fjord" (september 1986)


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