M.Sc. (1976), Ph.D. (1979), D.Sc. (1982) from University of Copenhagen.


Positions held

1977-1983: Experimental Zoophysiologist, Marine Pollution Laboratory, National Agency of Environmental Protection, Charlottenlund, Denmark.

1983-2008: Associate Professor, Institute of Biology, University of Southern Denmark.

1997-2000: Guest Professor, Kristineberg Marine Research Station (Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences).

2008-2000: Professor, Institute of Biology, University of Southern Denmark.

2021-present: Professor emeritus 



My research has mainly contributed to filter feeding, bioenergetics and fluid mechanical analysis of filter-pumps in marine invertebrates. Key words: filter-feeding in marine invertebrates; bioenergetics (food-uptake, assimilation, respiration, energy budgets, growth, costs of growth, growth efficiency); biological filter-pumps; biomixing; fluid mechanics; population grazing impact; particle capture mechanisms; benthic-pelagic coupling; biological structure and nutrient dynamics; grazing impact of benthic filter feeders; implications of density driven currents for interaction between jellyfish and zooplankton. Several research sojourns, among them: Skidaway (USA), Woods Hole (USA), University of Wales (U.K.), Kristineberg Marine Research Station (Sweden).



Editorial boards

1. Review Editor (since 1985) for the journal Marine Ecology Progress Series (MEPS)

2. Co-editor (since 1995) for the Journal of Sea Research

3. Advisory board (1996-2005) of the journal of North Atlantic marinescience, Sarsia

4. Editor (since 2000) of MEPS Discussion Forum 2

5. Editorial Board Member (since 2007) of the Open Oceanography Journal

6. Editorial Board Member (since 2008) of the Journal of Marine Biology

7. Editorial Board Member (since 2009) of the journal Advanced Studies in Biology

8. Editorial Board Member (since 2011) of the Open Journal of Marine Science

9. Editorial Board Member (2012) of Journal of Marine Science and Engineering & Guest Editor 2022 (Special topic: Suspension-feeding i marine invertebrates)

10. Expert on Cnidaria and Ctenophora (since 2010) for The Great Danish Encyclopaedia (Den Store Danske Encyklopædi)

11. Associate Editor on the board of Marine Biology, specialty section of Frontiers in Marine Science. (since September 2021) 



Member of the Danish Academy of Sciences (DNA). Member of the steering commitee for the Biodiversity Research Programme, the Research Council of Norway (Sept 2004 - Dec 2007). Member of the Nordic Marine Academy (NMA, key supervisor Jan 2005). Member of the board of Danish Center for Marine Research (until March 2012).




In 1990, I established the small Fjord Biological Laboratory in Kerteminde which in 1997 became a part of the new Marine Biological Research Centre in Kerteminde. I have supervised some 50 candidate (M.Sc.) research-projects, and supervised or co-supervised 10 Ph.D. projects; organized a number of international Ph.D. courses. I have received substantial support from the Danish National Research Council, private funds, and from a number of major grants from national research agencies, and EU research programmes.



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