Fjord Biological Laboratory

In 1991, I established the small Fjord Biology Laboratory in Kerteminde. This was made possible by means of support from national research projects, private funds, donations and extensive support from the municipality of Kerteminde. The official opening was 11 June 1991 (see pictures below). In 1993 the running expenses of the Fjord Biology Laboratory was taken over by the University of Southern Denmark, and a few years later in 1997 the Fjord Biology Laboratory became an annex to the nearby new Marine Biological Research Centre. However, I still have my office at the Fjord Biological Laboratory, Grønlandsgade 14, 5300 Kerteminde. The laboratory which includes an 100 squaremeter aquariumhall with running seawater from the fjord-inlet is specialized in research on filter-feeding marine invertebrates, and most of my research is performed here and in the neary Kerteminde Fjord/Kertinge Nor.

Hans Ulrik Riisgård, 5 March 2016


25 years anniversary 11 June 2016



Inspection of sponge-project facilities at the Fjord Biological Laboratory 10 April 2015


Sponge-meeting participants at the Fjord Biology Laboratory 28 August 2015

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