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To access these documents contact Hans Ulrik Riisgård (hur@biology.sdu.dk) for username and password.

4. Annual meeting DTU 4 March 2016

Login: programme and list of participants at DTU - Login: social part Hotel Fortunen

Power-point presentations

Login: WP1 & WP2 H.U. Riisgård & Don Canfield

Login: WP3 Niels T. Eriksen

Login: WP4 Peter Funch

Login: WP5 Jens H. Walther Login: Tom Fenchel

Login: WP6 Gert Wörheide & Ana Riesgo

5. Annual progress report for 2015 Login

6. Sponge-project meeting 28 October 2016 in Kerteminde

Login: minutes from meeting Login: list of participants (updated 30 December 2016)

Login: WP1 & WP2

Login: WP3 (to come?)

Login: WP4

Login: WP5

Login: WP6 (to come?)

Login: Annual report for 2016 (submitted to VILLUM FONDEN 28 March 2017)


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