In the course of years I have been responsible for teaching and establishing of several courses at all levels:

  • Marine- & Brackish Water Ecology BB506: laboratory and field course for basic natural science students
  • Bioseminarer BB534 Bachelor course
  • General Ecology: which forms part of a course in ‘Environmental Biology’ BB01 on the basic education in natural sciences at Odense University which was yearly followed by approximately 200 new students. For this course I have written a textbook ('Basisbog i Økologi', Gads Forlag 1990).
  • Fjord Biology BB49: advanced laboratory and field course with emphasis on experimental ecology.
  • Suspension-Feeding BB48: advanced theoretical course mainly based on reading of original scientific literature.
  • Marine Biology BB47: advanced course in marine biology.
  • Biological Oceanography: a 2-year master programme consisting of compulsory courses, elective courses and a research project. First year: basic studies in oceanography at the University of Kiel followed by advanced courses in oceanography and resource management at the University of Southern Denmark. Second year: research project in Biological Oceanography carried out either in Kiel or in Odense and may be experimental or oriented towards administration/management.


Additionally to the obligatory teaching I have held more than 50 guest lectures and talks at home and abroad, supervisor for about 50 candidate research-projects (M.Sc.) and 7 Ph.D. projects.

Member of the Danish censor corps for university biology.


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